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Singapore Kindness Movement’s ‘Mental Wellness Panel’

Singapore Kindness Movement

As the COVID-19 situation improves within the country, not all Singaporeans are adapting well to the new normal. The changes to our work and lifestyles have forced everyone to compromise and make changes. The uncertain future, coupled with the new challenges in the work-from-home arrangement, has heightened mental stress for most working adults.

Singapore Kindness Movement holds an annual discussion panel, to talk about the pressing issues of the current society. This year, they focused on the very current and relevant issue of mental wellness in the new normal. The panel featured experts from medical, human resource, social work, and business owners, and held a lively Facebook Live discussion with the public through SKM’s Facebook channel. The fresh topic and innovative outreach approach gathered about 1000 views during the live broadcast and garnered coverage on The Straits Times.

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