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Prison Fellowship Singapore #WW73forgood

Prison Fellowship Singapore

How can we build up anticipation towards a live online charity event and encourage viewers to donate to a good cause?

Prison Fellowship Singapore (PFS) helps ex-offenders reintegrate into society, and Dr William Wan, Chairman of Prison Fellowship Singapore, wanted to raise funds for the charity. As someone who exercises daily, Dr Wan proposed starting a push-up challenge to raise funds for the organisation. However, due to Circuit Breaker measures, all publicity efforts and marketing materials had to be done online. Splash proposed holding a Live Facebook streaming event, produced 2 Electronic Direct Mails for PFS to disseminate to their members, and started pitching for media interest to cover the online event. As a result, the Facebook Live video achieved over 4,400 views and PFS received over $230,000 in donations within the first week of the launch. The online livestream was also covered on mainstream papers such as The Straits Times and Shin Min Daily news.

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