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CDC Voucher Scheme 2021 & 2022

People’s Association (PA)

How do we encourage Singaporeans to adopt the new digital CDC vouchers?

The original intent of CDC Vouchers distribution was to help the less privileged with the cost of living. As a sign of gratitude towards the solidarity shown by Singaporeans during the COVID-19 pandemic, the CDC Voucher Scheme was expanded nationwide, and digital vouchers were first introduced for the 2021 tranche.

As all Singaporean households are eligible for digital CDC vouchers, the messaging needs to be simple and easy to understand. The campaign also had to attract merchants to onboard the digital CDC Vouchers Scheme. As such, the team used bright colours and clear instructions to guide Singaporeans on how to claim their digital CDC vouchers. The team also produced instructional videos for both merchants and residents in all four languages, to educate Singaporeans on the onboarding and claiming procedure.

As the overall Marcomms agency, Splash’s scope of work also included public relations, social media strategy, as well as social listening The agency closely monitor the sentiments and feedback across social media, and alerted PA for any potential issues. The announcements of the launch of CDC vouchers in 2021 and 2022 were a success, with coverage across all mainstream and online platforms, generating over $2 million in PR value across the 2 tranches.

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