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P.S. Short Films

Ministry of Communications and Information

How can we showcase tangible ways our public officers make an impact on the lives of Singaporeans and do them justice by offering glimpses of what really goes on behind the good work they do?

To commemorate Public Service Week (15–21 July 2019), Splash Productions initiated a series of short films, supported by the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) and produced in collaboration with four young, independent Singapore film-makers. Each film utilises good storytelling to shine a light on public officers' work - including backstories that offer perspectives the public rarely gets to see:

· P.S. In One’s Shoes by Poh Yan Zhao,
· P.S. Finding L by Sufyan Sam’an,
· P.S. Farrer Park by Ray Pang, and
· P.S. Nothing Gold Can Stay by Sabrina Poon

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