27 April 2017

27 April 2017

Bye Singapore! #teamsplash #play

27 April 2017

27 April 2017

25 April 2017

How many do you know?

19 April 2017

Cancer Patient Holding On For Her Son

7 April 2017

Just wanna break from work! Hello sun!

13 March 2017

What Makes Singapore Singapore #003

8 March 2017
25 February 2017

Yummy, we have our own Splash Wine Club! Stocking up our wine chiller. 🍷

26 January 2017

26 January 2017

Our talented designers @ Wine & Chef!!!

14 January 2017

Its time to know your neighbours better!

4 January 2017

Our new 2017 Read & Share a Book initiatives: Where all Splashees are to pick from a specially curated book list, read and share the learning. 2017 is the Year of Learning for us @Splash. New skill, new knowledge!

3 January 2017

A terrific Feed-the-Splashees Breakfast session to start the new year!!! Have a great 2017 everybody!!!

23 December 2016

During this festive season, Splash is partnering SP Sign Language Club to highlight the importance of connection and inclusiveness. Just as song signing connects the Deaf to the hearing, we hope to showcase another meaningful way we can all help them connect better to the world. Be a part of the #HearUsOut movement to close caption all your videos and increase deaf accessibility on YouTube and other related platforms. Spread the love this season… Spread the joy of connection ☺

20 December 2016

Now we can think of ideas and chill at the same time.

16 December 2016

Wanted. Associate Creative Director -->

10 November 2016

Our short film is finally LIVE! Catch it on

9 November 2016

Preparing for the big day tomorrow!

31 October 2016

In post-production! Catch it soon on 10 Nov 2016!

25 October 2016

Our video editors will be camping in studio...

23 October 2016

Go go go! Follow us and support the cause will you?

13 October 2016

Thanks Uncle Loves Things for the feature! Anybody interested to get hold of the book, Check it out at BooksActually and Basheer Graphic Books!

13 October 2016

Our instagram page is up! Follow us for updates peeps. :0

12 October 2016

Every dollar counts. All funding will go into promotion and outreach for the cause. Please share peeps. Lets do it together.

10 October 2016

Check out what we are up to in October! Follow us for more updates!

23 September 2016

10 September 2016

24 August 2016

Our new humble little video editing suite! And we have a name for it: Al-Amirrul Editing Suite. 🎉

13 August 2016

9 August 2016

From all of us at Splash... Happy 51st Birthday Singapore! #NDP2016#NDP16 #SG51 #Nationalday

8 August 2016

7 August 2016

While half the population is chasing the Pokémon this morning, we were at Tuas View Dormitory having fun with our international friends too. Great weekend leading up to our nation's birthday! #Sportcares #GameOn #TeamSplash

3 August 2016

Burning Devotion: The Art and Craft of Chinese Paper Offerings.
Paperback, 192 pages

Now at S$19.90!

From 3–31Aug only! Usual retail price: S$35.
Email and order at or simply drop us a private message here :) Mailing cost to be advised.

Chinese believers burn paper replicas as offerings so that deceased kin and wandering spirits do not become “hungry ghosts” with no food, money and material comforts. But this folk tradition is fading away as more Singaporean Chinese adapt customs or adopt other religions. Makers and sellers of paper offerings are also retiring or have departed without passing on their skills and knowledge.
Burning Devotion offers a fascinating photographic window on paper offerings and their last surviving artisans – before the craft is gone and all forgotten.

3 August 2016

Our Pantry Squad checking in new stock!

27 July 2016

Our core values, framed and proudly on display.

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