FairPrice Food Waste Reduction Campaign

Research uncovered that FairPrice shoppers would not be moved to action by the idea of the greater good achieved when they did their part in reducing food waste. So rather than take a moral high ground, our approach was to win the hearts of shoppers by fronting our campaign with fruit and veggies caricatures – cute and lovable characters that one would find hard to ignore or hurt.

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Hawker Master Trainer Programme

Initiated to train individuals as certified food hawkers, the Hawker Master Trainer Programme faced high dropout rates largely because of the inherent toughness of the job. We needed a way to attract better, more committed trainees. To give people a reason to believe why the hawker life was worth it.

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“Wisdom to Share. Courage to Ask.” Campaign

The Early Childhood Care sector faced major challenges retaining junior talent. We found that the newbies were reluctant to seek help and felt isolated, while seniors assumed that their ‘certified’ younger colleagues were trained to cope.

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